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Ireland > Donegal International Half Mooathan
Kilmacrenan, Ireland



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Event Details

The tiny Irish village of Kilmacrenan, nestled among the hilly country of the northernmost region of the country, plays host to the several hundred runners and walkers who make their way there each year for the Donegal International Half Mooathon, a 13.1-mile half marathon event that's grown in popularity in Ireland in recent years and which will also feature a full, 26.2-mile marathon and a marathon relay for the first time ever at the race's 2009 running.

Challenging, filled with hills and run across a combination of paved surfaces and gravel roads along the Lough Salt Road between Kilmacrenan and Downings to the north, the race gets its name from one of its main sponsors, the Donegal Creameries company, and the "cow" theme is in abundance at the event. From the cow-themed finisher's medal to the "milking stations" (water stations) along the race route to the sometimes crazy costumes participants wear for the race, there will be plenty of reminders what race you're at when you run the Mooathon.

As far as the course itself, the race follows a point-to-point route that starts in Kilmacrenan and takes runners northward all the way to the beach near the resort area of Downings, overlooking Sheephaven Bay. There's plenty of gorgeous natural scenery along the route, from the green and brown hills of Ireland's northern regions to the lakes and streams runners pass by along the course. And also plenty of "wildlife" along the route, including sheep and cows grazing in the rural farmlands runners trek through during the race.

One thing it's important to know about this race: bring black-and-white clothing to wear if you're planning on running it, because you could be disqualified if you show up at the starting line in anything but. In keeping with the event's unique traditions, this is a requirement for every runner in the race -- of course, wearing horns, cowbells, black and white body paint or any other cow-themed apparel is not only permitted, it's encouraged!

Race Weather & Climate

Located in the northernmost region of the country, just over 45 minutes by car from Londonderry in Northern Ireland and just over 10 miles from the coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, the town of Kilmacrenan typically experiences weather conditions much like those of nearby Letterkenny, which is to say chilly and often rainy, misty conditions, especially in the fall and winter. In September, the town's average monthly temperatures range between 17°C (62.6°F) and 9°C (48°F), while rainfall totals average just over 8 centimeters for the month.




To reserve your spot in the early fall 2009 running of Donegal's International Half "Mooathon," register online at MultiSports.ie.



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