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10 Ways to Train & Give Back: Running & Fundraising


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By Carissa Liebowitz

Credit: Flickr
Runners raise money for all kinds of altruistic reasons whether it is for awareness of a health problem, to support a local school, or in memory of loved one. They can participate simply by entering a race dedicated to a cause or raise money while training with a specific dollar to meet.

Many large charity organizations have streamlined the fundraising process making it fun and easy to join. Many include travel arrangements, training programs, and team meetings for those committed to reaching a monetary goal.

Smaller programs often allow runners to feel as though they have made a larger impact in a personal cause. Additionally smaller programs or races let runners give back with the need to meet a fundraising requirement.

Choosing a charity or event can be easy for runners who have a personal connection to a specific cause. Many large non-profit groups are charity sponsors in races all over the world. Groups such as Joints in Motion and Team in Training have runners fundraising and racing on a continuous basis.

Runners can join a team already in existence or create one for the race they would like to join. Many large races have numerous charity sponsor groups that anyone can join. Some races, such as the St. Jude's Rock n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, are dedicated to fundraising for a specific cause.

Runners interested in running for charity should bear in mind the fundraising requirements and race logistics before making a commitment.

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