10 Things Runners (Really Do) Struggle With

© Uptall | Dreamstime.com

© Uptall | Dreamstime.com

1) Thunderstorms ­­

A little rain is great. Heck, I’ll even run in a downpour. But unfortunately, I cannot outrun lightening. And the distant sound of my mother’s voice nagging me to go inside just won’t go away.

2) Ice ­­

Snow can be slippery and annoying, but ice is just an injury waiting to happen. Plus, I am forced to watch every single step which really takes the glee out of a mindless few miles.

3) A Beautiful Day ­­

When it’s 70°F outside and everyone decides to be a runner. If you aren’t out there in 20°F or 105°F, you are a jogger. Snobby? Yes. True? Also yes.

4) Dead GPS Watch ­­

I mean, I guess I can still run without having data proof.

5) Humidity ­­

Because sweating doesn’t get me wet enough and the feeling of my lungs being crushed makes me feel so alive!

6) Discontinued Shoes ­­

The five is not better than the four. Prince Charming would have found 15 more Cinderellas in the time it takes me to find another perfect shoe.

7) Closed Routes

A tree fell down, heavy rainfall cause a small flood, someone saw a bear. Pish posh…. Don’t you know I have a run to complete?

8) Traffic Lights ­­

Always red when I’m ready to run and always green when I’m dying to stop.

9) Laundry ­­

The only reason I do it regularly is so my favorite running shirt is back in the rotation. It’s a shame I have to wash it every time I wear it.

10) Compression Socks ­­

I’m either headed out to run an exorbitant amount of miles or I’ve just finished. Either way, putting on compression socks will easily be the hardest thing I do all day.

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