10 More Ways You Might Be a Runner

© Warrengoldswain | Dreamstime.com

© Warrengoldswain | Dreamstime.com

1) You’ve painted the skin on your toe to give the appearance of a toenail.

2) You have mistakenly applied Body Glide and/or deodorant to the wrong spot.

3) You’ve had a nightmare about being late to a race.

4) There is a part of your pantry dedicated to things like gels and electrolytes.

5) You calculate time in miles instead of minutes.

6) You’ve watched an entire televised marathon (i.e. Boston, the Olympic Marathon)

7) You’ve changed your clothes in your car to save time.

8) You’ve ever had a crisis about a shoe update.

9) You cringe when you hear the word jogging.

10) You are jealous of people running when you are driving. Even if you just finished running.

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