4 Running Mistakes With Silver Linings

© Uptall | Dreamstime.com

© Uptall | Dreamstime.com

1) Overdressing

The first marathon I ran, it was Thanksgiving Day in Atlanta. The weather had seemingly snapped from fall to winter overnight and I layered up accordingly. Except I failed to remember that I would still be running hours later in the sunshine. Every second seemed so precious and I didn’t want to stop to shed my pullover.

The good news? When I finally finished and cooled off, I realized that I was freezing and suddenly needed something with sleeves again. It was the last time I made the rookie mistake of not bringing a drop bag of clothes with me, but thrilled with my rookie mistake of overdressing.

2) Forgetting to charge your GPS watch

The race I attempted to qualify for Boston, I somehow did not make the full connection on my GPS watch overnight. Race day morning, it appeared that everything was good to go and I bopped along until the blank screen of death appeared around mile 15. Furiously punching all the buttons, I attempted to revive my poor Garmin back to life.

After a surge of panic washed over me once I determined it was just plain dead, I dug in and just keep running. The good news? I ended up qualifying by more than enough time and gave myself a cushion that would ultimately allow me to race Boston. Had I known my pace, I likely would have cruised the final miles knowing I had extra time.

3) Wearing the wrong shoes

For all the times I have laid out my clothes, taken excessive pictures for social media, and double and triple-checked everything, I finally managed to lace up the wrong pair of shoes recently. While standing in line at the port-a-potties, I realized my idiotic mistake and cringed knowing that it was too late to do anything about it.

The good news? I was at least wearing running shoes and though I would have preferred trail shoes, the course was so clear that it did not require soles that gripped. I completely lucked out that my trail shoes were not necessary.

4) New food the day before

Pasta, pasta, pasta has been my pre-race dinner since high school. However, a few years ago, I ended up letting the day get away from me and decided to just grab a cheese-laden pizza. The fatty cheese was decidedly not my friend on race day morning and I stopped three (!!) times over the course of the race.

The good news? All those pit stops gave me with a 10-minute PR! Between racing to the next stop without incurring an accident and “enjoying” a mini rest break, I managed to maintain a decent pace despite the ugly conditions.

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