5 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Your Race Bibs

Photo by Mr. Tin DC/flickr

Photo by Mr. Tin DC/flickr

Done with your race, or have a bunch of old marathon race bibs sitting around collecting dust somewhere? Here’s a few fun ideas you can try:

1) Make a tote bag

This requires a bit of intermediate sewing knowledge, but isn’t too complicated for the home crafter. Bibs are sewn together using a zigzag stitch and a flat bottom can be created from a plain rectangular piece of tyvek — the same material used to make race bibs.

For more advice on how to make a tote bag, check out this great tutorial at Living Acoustically.

2) Decorate a tree

If you celebrate Christmas, grab a box of ornament hooks and hang your bibs (and medals too!) on your very own running tree.

3) Let your alter ego wear them

You can find bust forms (the kind stores use for displays) for under $100 online. Use a race belt or heavy duty pins to adorn your mannequin. She can also wear your medals!

4) Make a wreath

Start with a styrofoam wreath from the craft store. Wrap it with 1-2” wire ribbon in the color of your choice. Space the bibs out so they fan away from the center, but the first third lies across the wreath. Pin (less permanent) or glue (more permanent) the bibs to the wreath.

5) Create racing furniture

This works well on a wooden tabletop-like surface such as a coffee table or dining table. Find a garage sale special and make a masterpiece! Arrange your bibs over the top of the table so they overlap each other a little bit.

Spread Modge Podge across the surface of the furniture and press your bibs down. Put another layer of Modge Podge over the top. A few coats should secure the bibs and a layer of varnish will seal the furniture.

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