5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Weekly Long Run Easier

1) Prepare

Make good food choices and hydrate well in the 48 hours prior to running. Lay out your running gear the night before. Eat a low-fiber breakfast (assuming you do your long run in the morning). There are many things that are within your control leading up to the long run. You’ll be far more confident in your ability to finish strong if you’ve taken the necessary steps.

2) Get Inspired

Watch “Spirit of the Marathon”. Read excerpts from “Born To Run”. Scroll through running blogs. Getting caught up in others’ triumphs is an easy way to feel motivated. The point is not to compare yourself to their achievements, but rather, inspire you to be the best runner you can be.

3) Find a Running Buddy

Even if you do a small portion of your long run with a friend, it can help make the miles fly by. Don’t know anyone who runs? Check out your local running store or community track club for suggestions. There are hundreds of online running groups as well–just remember to make safe choices!

4) Divide It Up

A 12 mile run can sound daunting, but dividing it into 4 separate sections can make it seem easier. Allow yourself a chance to take a brief water or walk break after each section. This long run tactic is something useful for race day as well.

5) Enjoy It

If you are like most of the 21st-century, life is seemingly a never-ending gogogo. The long run is a chance to truly get away from it all in the best possible way. Get lost in your thoughts. Listen to music, a podcast or simply nature. You are one of the small percentage of humans that are lucky enough to be able to run for hours.

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