5 Ways To Make A Bad Race Better

© Flysnow | Dreamstime.com

© Flysnow | Dreamstime.com

When you’re not feeling it on race day, it’s time to make lemonade out of lemons. Here’s how:

1) Put your mantra on your arm

That phrase that gets you through the tough miles during training might be needed on race day. Keep motivated by inking your favorite words with permanent marker.

2) Collect high fives

Spectators who cheer are extremely uplifting. Spectators giving out high fives can change your race. Hang close to the sidelines when things get tough and reach out to slap palms. Bonus points for going low and getting the preschool crowd involved.

3) Ignore your GPS watch for a mile

A bad race can turn ugly if your eyes are glued to a pace not in your favor. Check out the scenery, pay attention to your stride, or watch other runners. Run at a pace that feels comfortable for a bit and resume race pace at the next mile marker.

4) Take a mental break

This is one to practice in training and perfect on race day. Excuse your brain from thinking about running and get lost in a different world. This can be as exciting as planning your next vacation or as mundane as a chore list. Just avoid runner math. Everyone knows you cannot race and do math.

5) Smile

Even if you aren’t feeling happy, a smile can be pretty powerful. Trying holding it for a mere 5 seconds. Sometimes the act of concentrating on something else works, sometimes a little reminder that running should be joyful works. Either way, it helps!

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  • Norma Davison October 9, 2014, 2:16 am

    thanks for these tips – I’ll need them and more for my 1st half marathon (with a muscle spasm back nogal!)

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