5 Ways My Non-Running Spouse Makes Me Happy

© Gaudilab | Dreamstime.com

© Gaudilab | Dreamstime.com

I happen to love running. A lot. My husband is a die-hard couch potato. He happens to log a few more hours participating in his hobby each week, but we aren’t competitive about it.

Though I sometimes dream of the day that he is suddenly knocked over the head with the enthusiasm to go running with me, I am lucky that he supports my habit.

We runners are a strange lot and I’m sure our preferences are wide-ranging, but here are just a few awesome things that my non-running spouse does to keep his running spouse happy:

1) He attends races

Knowing that he is there cheering me on is always an extra boost while out on the course. I have had quite a few low moments that became suddenly better once I remembered that he was anxiously awaiting me. Seeing him on the course is even better as it gives me something to look forward to before the finish line.

2) He asks me about running

Just as we ask each other about the work day, he catches up with me about my training runs. The simple question of how was your run? is appreciated each time it is asked. He might not actually follow my train of thought when I start complaining about a fartlek gone bad or how amazing my ladder was, but I appreciate that he cares to ask.

3) He gives me gifts of the trade

Many of my favorite running toys came from non-running spouse. He was the one who gifted me an iPod, a Garmin, and running sunglasses. When my first Garmin completely crashed after 4 years of abuse, he was quick to replace it just in time to begin a new training cycle.

4) He feeds the “rungry”

I sometimes get very bizarre and very specific cravings following high mileage weeks or runs. When I went on a binge of eating buffalo wings after each long run last year, the husband just shrugged and went with it. When I look at him with an exasperated expression and the pantry door open, he orders a pizza.

5) He accepts my weird

Why yes, I am slathering Vaseline all over my body at sunrise. Yes, I am pulling off that toenail again. Yes, I really need to go to bed at 9am on Friday night. Yes, I am going running today even though yesterday was awful. He may not quite understand running, but he knows running makes me happy.

Carissa Liebowitz is an avid runner who’s completed some 20 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and an occasional writer for HalfMarathons.Net. Follow her on Instagram here.

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  • David June 1, 2016, 10:13 am

    This is my wonderful Wife who supports my running addiction.

  • Dorothy October 28, 2015, 7:46 pm

    This is me and my husband !!!

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