5 Ways to Bust Out Of A Running Rut

© Antonio Guillem | Dreamstime.com

© Antonio Guillem | Dreamstime.com

1) Change your scenery

If you have a few regular routes or go at the time time of day, it could be time to jostle up your routine. Scour out a few miles in different place. Go for a run at sunset rather than sunrise.

Hit the trails if you regularly run on the road or head to to the track for a heart-pounding speed session.

2) Change your pace

Many runners get caught up in running nearly the same pace for every single run. Get out of your rut by running forcibly slower or faster. Slower runs help to maintain mileage and fitness and often help runners feel fresh.

Faster runs increase cadence and burn extra calories. Try changing your pace anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute per mile depending on ability.

3) Change your sound

With or without headphones is an ongoing hot running debate. The purists want to be left happily in their silence and the rockers want to be left happily connected. But when was the last time you tried the other way?

Jam out to some happy tunes if it’s been awhile or enjoy the sweet rhythmic sound of your feet hitting the ground if you are a playlist-addict.

4) Change your strategy

After conquering the ability to run for 30 minutes without stopping many runners only run for mileage. But sometimes it can be helpful to get back to the basics. Try running for time again. Go out-and-back for 45 minutes, 30 minute loops, or any variation that works with your running routes.

5) Change your game

Though not my idea, a scavenger hunt while running has been one of my favorite rut-busters. It’s more fun to have others to share your results with, but you can do it just for your own kicks as well.

Make a list of 10-15 things to spot while on a run like “something old”, “a prime number”, or “something with teeth” and bring your camera along. Take pictures of each thing and share when you are finished.

You won’t get any speed records this way, but it gives a whole new purpose to getting in a few miles.

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