6 Things I Consume in Bulk Because of Running

© Antoniodiaz | Dreamstime.com

© Antoniodiaz | Dreamstime.com

1) Bananas

Not only because they are ubiquitous at any race, but because they are also the world’s most healthy portable food. I suppose you could toss some kale in a plastic baggie, but there’s a much smaller portion of the population that finds that palpable at 6 a.m. They are cheap, packable, and easy to digest. Perfect for training runs or race days.

2) Coffee

Honestly, I probably would still drink a bucket of coffee every morning even if I wasn’t a runner. That liquid crack is frighteningly legal and pretty much necessary to perform any functions prior to noon. After a few ill-fated experiments running sans caffeine, I have decided that it is just as necessary as water. Probably more so.

3) Bagels

I grew up in the South. Bagels here are a joke. I only found this out after my college roommate from Long Island would come back to school with proper bagels. I probably wouldn’t even try to eat half the number of bagels I currently consume after being spoiled with those except for running. It’s another one of those pesky foods like bananas that happen to be cheap, packable, and easy to digest.

4) Laundry Detergent

You might get a few light wears out of a pair of jeans before they need to be washed, but running clothes? Nope. They are always a one-time wear. In the winter, this gets even more noticeable as clothes get longer, bulkier, and layered. Because my laundry practically doubles, so does my incessant need for laundry detergent.

5) Vaseline

I get chapped lips in the winter. But not enough to go through multiple containers of Vaseline. Though good at keeping lips moisturized, I find it even handier for keeping chafe to a minimum. It’s much cheaper than the anti-chafe products made specifically for running and it works just as well.

6) Baby Wipes

If you have the luxury of jumping into a shower immediately post-run, this is likely not in your repertoire. However, I am often faced with a bit of a drive after racking up the miles and am also a very salty sweater. Baby wipes to the rescue! They get salt out of your eyes gently and make the ride back home a little less funky.

Plus, a quick once over with baby wipes after a trail run can make one slightly more presentable if they need to stop for a post-run slurpee at the gas station. So I’ve heard anyway.

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  • Evelyn October 12, 2015, 11:22 pm

    7) Sunscreen. Especially when running in the summer!

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