6 Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays

© Yobro10 | Dreamstime.com

© Yobro10 | Dreamstime.com

The holiday season is coming soon, we all know what that means – from Thanksgiving until New Years, many of us will put the halt on exercise.

Dinner parties, family events and the Holidays have people much more busy than usual. Every weekend is another holiday party or gathering.

Training takes a back seat and the pounds slowly creep in. Plus often times, the weather isn’t the most desirable so getting out for a run is even harder! It’s hard to get outside for a run when it’s dark and 20 degrees.

So how can you avoid weight gain, and stay on track with your training during the holidays?

1) Start planning now

Do you know when you are seeing your in laws? Parents? Family? When is that work party? Preplanning is one of the best thing you can do for your fitness.

You’ll know when weeks may be more chaotic and when you can make up for it later. Schedule your workouts like you schedule your get-togethers and events. Your workout is your meeting yourself.

2) A short workout is better than no workout

Even if you only have time to run a mile, that is okay! One mile is better than no miles. You might be running fewer miles but being active is important.

3) Find a training partner to keep you accountable

Find someone else to keep you accountable! It can be a family member, friend or even someone on Twitter or Facebook (or Snapchat or Instagram!).

You don’t have to see this person daily but having someone to text or log workouts with benefits both people. Staying accountable and reporting back to someone can keep you on track.

There is nothing like telling your buddy, “I didn’t workout because… actually I don’t have an excuse.”

4) Don’t fear change

Do you always workout after your work day? Don’t be afraid to mix it up and workout in the morning before the day starts. That way you don’t have to worry about it. There is no right or wrong time to work out.

5) Divide and conquer

You don’t have to workout all at once. Sure it’s great to get your entire run in at once, but sometimes it’s not possible.

Don’t be afraid to run shorter in the morning and evening. Five miles in the morning and five miles at night is still 10 miles.

6) Recruit loved ones

The Holiday season is about spending time with your friends and family. Don’t be afraid to take a healthy family outing together. Some ideas include:

  • A walk or bike ride
  • Hiking
  • Taking a trip to the mountains and going tubing or learning to ski

Finally, don’t forget at the end of the day fitness and health is balance. The holidays only come once a year and take time to spend with your loved ones.

Hollie Sick is a New Jersey-based runner and blogger who has completed more than 30 half marathons. Learn more about Hollie at her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

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