7 ‘Tragic’ Problems Only Runners Understand

© Warrengoldswain | Dreamstime.com

© Warrengoldswain | Dreamstime.com

They are things in this world non-runners just don’t understand, right?

1) People in your way

Whether it’s a walker on the sidewalk, a cyclist “sharing” the shoulder, or a stupid car in the road, everyone needs to yield to you! Every second counts people!

2) Discontinued shoes

First, you snapped up all the pairs that went on clearance when the new model came out. Then, you surfed around on Amazon to get a fix. Eventually, you find yourself contemplating buying a “gently used” pair of shoes on Ebay because the 7’s are not anything like your beloved 6’s.

3) Finding satellites

You spend $400 on an amazing GPS watch that can provide you with data of every second of your run. Except it can take precious minutes to locate satellites. Minutes! Doesn’t the watch know you are ready to run now!

4) Post-run activity

Run for 2 hours without stopping? Sure, I can do that! Untie my shoelaces post-run? Get a plate out to eat that post-run snack? Retrieve something that involves utilizing stairs? Ugh……no way!

5) Lightning and ice

Rain, snow, sleet, 100 degrees, or -10 degrees are all perfectly runnable conditions. Heck, some runners even enjoy the extra challenge. But lightning and ice are the two weather-related conditions that keep even the hardiest runners off the streets.

6) No open treadmill

Purists may sooner skip getting in their miles then run a treadmill, but conditions listed in #5 might force the issue sometimes. However, often a runner is forced to awkwardly stretch for what seems like an insurmountable amount of time while waiting on a treadmill to become available. Call us elitists, but we all not-so-secretly wish that treadmills be relegated to runners only.

7) Injuries

To civilians, an injury is a free break from exercise. To runners, it might as well be a death sentence. It’s like the unending taper with no awesome race to look forward to. Every time you see or hear about someone running, you feel betrayed.

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