8 Things Running With Friends Adds To Your Life

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I’ll admit, I actually prefer running alone. But, I do enjoy running with a friend or a group at least once a week.

Many of these runners spend the bulk of their training running alongside someone else and prefer the company of others while sweating it out.

And while I am more likely to be found striding solo, there are definitely plenty of great reasons to run with friends:

1) Friendship

Too obvious? Probably. But I cannot discount the friendships I have made while running together. These connections are formed far differently than other relationships as running often strips people down to their true selves. Getting to know someone while running is easily the best reason to run with friends.

2) Someone to hold you accountable

If you ever need an extra boost of getting in a run, make a run date with a friend or group. There is always that underlying feeling of guilt if you cancel so it is far more likely you’ll get your run done.

3) Someone to challenge you

Any runner who has a faster friend knows who to call when they need an extra push. A faster runner can be an excellent pacer for training runs and can challenge a slower runner to give a little bit more than they expect of themselves.

4) Partner for recovery runs

Conversely, running with a slower friend can allow type A’s to truly run at a recovery pace. A relaxed run gives the faster runner a chance to truly enjoy the run and not push themselves to the limit each time they lace up.

5) Someone to explore new run routes

I have been introduced to countless new running routes thanks to runner friends. Meeting someone for a run outside of my normal spots has been great to discover favorite spots.

6) Fellow travelers for long runs

There are times that running with a friend or group is still hard. However, the miles usually tick by much faster when the conversation is flowing. I’ve often been caught up in chatting so much that I lose track of miles!

7) Let’s face it: it’s safer

Running alone is great in so many ways, but running with a friend or group is always safer. Whether on the trails, on the street, or somewhere in between, it is simply better to have a partner just in case there is a bad situation.

8) Someone to talk running with

Finding other runners to talk about running all the time is wonderful. No longer do you have to annoy your non-running friends, coworkers, and family with mentions of PR’s and heel-to-toe drop.

When you find a friend or group to run with, it is entirely possible to talk the entire run about your favorite topic – running!

Carissa Liebowitz has run the Boston Marathon as well as dozens of marathons and half marathons. You can follow her running adventures on StravaInstagram and her blog.

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