We’re 8 Years Old Today!

Photo by Dreamstime

Photo by Dreamstime

It’s hard to believe that eight years ago today, I read an article in the Washington Post that gave me the idea to start this site. I had a brainstorm, plunked down a few bucks for the domain name and web hosting, and then of course wondered “what do I do next?”

What followed has been a years-long journey of running, writing and learning, thanks to all of you. So many of you have written in over the years with tips and suggestions, as well as encouragement and appreciation. I simply would never have been able to keep all of this up if it weren’t for every one of you guys who visit the site, share your comments and reviews, and provide the feedback that keep HalfMarathons.Net what it is.

Still a Work in Progress

With that said, I have to be honest that I feel I haven’t lived up nearly enough to the vision and plans I’ve had for the site for a while now. Life has intervened — wonderful things, in fact, including a new marriage and a new baby — but all of those things have meant that I haven’t been able to devote the kind of time that I should to making HalfMarathons.Net all that it could be.

(Believe me, I’m trying — after a full day at work, I’m writing and coding every night! — it’s just not enough sometimes to keep up with all the amazing developments that have happened in the running world over the past several years. But I’m working on it 🙂 )

We’re working on lots of new things, some of which you all have been able to get a glimpse of over the past couple of weeks. My writers, Carissa and Melissa, and I hope you’re enjoying them — please let me know what’s working and what’s not, what you like and what you don’t (you can do that by emailing me here.)

With luck, we’re going to be rolling out lots more soon. One thing I’m proud of is the new redesign, perhaps most of all because it’s responsive design that works on mobile phones and tablets, so you no longer will have to pinch and squeeze the screen when you visit on your smartphone.

Write For Us

I’d also like to invite readers — that means you — into the process of continuing to build HalfMarathons.Net, in a more significant way. You guys have been great over the years about providing comments and reviews, but I want to formally invite each one of you who’s run a race or has a great idea to send it in — say everything you’d like to share about a race, send us your photos of what it was like, and tell us about your experience.

We’ll post it here. Just email it to me, Terrell Johnson [at] HalfMarathons.Net, and we’ll see where it all goes. Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with.

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