Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon

Sunday April 6, 2025 • Huntsville, AL

Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon course in Huntsville, AL

The Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon takes place in the nation’s second-largest and world’s fourth-largest state research park, Cummings Research Park, located in and around Bridge Street Town Center, a creative hub known for its food, fashion, and fantastic cultural style. 

One fun fact about this course is that for each year the course record goes unbroken, $100 will be placed in the purse for the next year’s participants! Will it be you who finally breaks the record and wins the protected purse?!

Bridge Street Town Center is a lifestyle center located within Huntsville. With the Cummings Research Park at its core, this particular half marathon location is a paved road race accompanied by several corporate infrastructures and Fortune 500 high-tech enterprise buildings. 

Don’t worry, though… You’ll still run amongst your fair share of natural landscapes that most runners yearn for during such a race. 

Runners line up at the beautiful Bridge Street Town Center at 365 The Bridge Street in preparation for running through the entirety of Cummings Research Park. To kick things off, runners will depart around the town center before jumping onto Old Madison Pike NW after the first mile.

After runners spend about a mile on Old Madison, they’ll seamlessly turn onto Jan Davis Drive NW. From there, it’s onto Explorer Ave which takes runners past Indian Creek Greenway. 

It’s at this point where runners will experience the largest grade incline of the course of just about 100 feet of ascent. After going through several short roads, twists, and turns, runners will reach Delta Research Center at mile 7 before hopping back on Explorers Ave to make their way back to the finish line in a looping fashion. 

The Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon has a time limit of 4 hours due to strict road closure regulations. Lucky for you, the course is largely flat and fast, so you should be well within the cut-off! 

Once complete, the day is yours to enjoy, with dozens of vendors to indulge in and a winner’s medal to flaunt around town. 

Race Weather & Climate

Set in the north of the state, only 25 miles from Tennessee, the city of Huntsville, Alabama, in early April, ushers in spring with average high temperatures ranging from 70ºF to 75ºF and lows between 47ºF to 52ºF. With relatively low rainfall (around 4 inches for the month), runners can revel in the pleasant weather and budding greenery as they explore the city’s trails and outdoor spaces.

On race day (April 6), the average low is 48ºF and the average high is 72ºF.

Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon Race Results

Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon Course Map

See the race route map for the Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 7:00 AM.


To reserve your spot in the 2025 Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

There is a $65.00 fee for the half marathon.

Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon Race Website

Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon

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