Sedona Half Marathon, 10K & 5K

Saturday, February 1, 2025 • Sedona, AZ • Course Map

If you’ve ever seen the famous video of U2’s 1983 “Under a Blood Red Sky” concert at Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, then you’ve caught a glimpse of the kind of dramatic landscapes and gorgeous scenery that await the more than 2,000 runners who take part each year in the Sedona Half Marathon & 5K, which takes participants through the heart of central Arizona’s red rock spires and mountain valleys.

A challenging, hilly, high-elevation race, the half marathon portion of the Sedona race event follows an out-and-back course that starts and finishes at the city’s Red Rock High School just off Highway 89A, and features a variety of surface terrain, from dirt roads to paved highways.

Canyon country near Sedona Half Marathon (Photo by Daniel Weinand/flickr)

Canyon country near Sedona, Ariz. (Photo by Daniel Weinand/flickr)

From the start at the school’s track and field facility, the course takes runners first eastward and then northward along 89A and then Dry Creek Road, crossing Dry Creek and then turning onto Boynton Pass Road. At about the 6.5 mile point, the race reaches its turnaround point and begins the course back toward the start.

(MORE: Course Map for the Half Marathon)

This race is most definitely filled with hills — from the starting elevation of about 4,450 feet above sea level, the course rises and falls to a low of about 4,300 feet and a peak of just over 4,650 feet above sea level (near the halfway turnaround point). The course’s peak elevations occur at three major hills, around miles 3, 7 and 9. Runners should arrive a day early, if possible, to acclimatize themselves to Sedona’s altitude.

Walkers are welcome in the half marathon; they will need to be able to complete the race’s 13.1 miles within the 5-hour course time limit.

Our Race Recommendation

If you’re considering the Sedona Half Marathon, our team of race experts recommend the Rogue Expeditions Running Vacations.

If you’re enjoying the idea of running through national parks, consider a trip through the Dolomites of Italy, the Emerald Isle of Ireland, and the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

All levels of experience welcome.

Race Climate & Weather

Surrounded by arid, desert-like terrain that sees highly variable weather year-round, the Sedona area experiences temperatures in January that average between 30°F and 56°F. Rainfall totals average 2.1 inches for the month, making January Sedona’s third-wettest month of the year.

On the day of the race (Feb. 1), the average low is 32°F and the average high is 58°F.

Sedona Half Marathon Past Results

Sedona Half Marathon Course Map

See the course map here.

Starting Time

  • 8:00 AM – half marathon
  • 8:10 AM – 10K
  • 8:20 AM – 5K


  • $60 for the half marathon
  • $50 for the 10K
  • $40 for the 5K

Sedona Half Marathon Registration

To reserve your spot in the winter 2025 race, register online at by clicking here.

Official Race Website

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  • Epi Ortiz February 2, 2019, 4:56 pm

    Beautiful race, super supportive crowds. it is a challenging course, this year it was cloudy which kept the temps cool made for a nice run. a really nice point on this years race (2019) at the start they had tech difficulties with the national anthem, we couldn’t here it, so the runners sang it, Awesome! I wish the organizers would invest more in the event, better bibs, update medals, have race day packet pickup, etc… maybe in the future. If you want to do a half marathon that will show you how beautiful the world can be, Run Sedona!

  • Caroline Gargiulo January 29, 2016, 4:48 pm

    Please direct me to the link for Sedona 10K

    • Konawva beatty January 31, 2020, 8:04 pm

      Can someone call me regarding bib pickup.
      I’m 4 hrs away and need someone else to pick it up r me


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