Luau 5k 10k & Half Marathon

Saturday, September 9, 2023 Little Rock, AR

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As part of US Road Running Run Club which puts off several events annually throughout the US, the Luau 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon event in Little Rock, Arkansas is a great community event to be enjoyed by all.

Small Towns. Located in Two Rivers Park in Little Rock, Arkansas, this event offers a unique experience for everyone involved, from incredible natural landscapes to wildlife sightings and beyond. 

Taking place in September, it’s a great time to enjoy the great outdoors that Arkansas has to offer, all while exploring the trails of the Luau Half Marathon event. 

This out-and-back course takes runners on a repetitive course that’s to be repeated four times, starting and finishing in Two Rivers Park on 6900 Two Rivers Park Road. 

With a time cut-off of four hours, this event is ideal for runners and walkers alike. For those who cross the finish line in time, all finishers receive a finisher’s medal to commemorate their big achievement. 

Race Weather & Climate

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas, situated in the central part of the state. It’s approximately 135 miles southwest of Memphis, Tennessee, and 170 miles northeast of Texarkana, Arkansas, near the Texas border.

In early September, Little Rock, AR, typically experiences an average high temperature of around 89°F and a low of about 68°F. On September 9th, expect a high of approximately 90°F and a low of around 68°F. The average rainfall for the month is around 3.3 inches, which is considered moderate.

On race day (date), the average low is 68ºF and the average high is 83ºF.

Luau Half Marathon Race Results

2023 Luau Half Marathon

Luau 5k 10k & Half Marathon Course Map

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 8:00 AM CDT.

The time limit for the half marathon is 4 hours.


To reserve your spot in the 2023 Luau 5k 10k & Half Marathon, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

Registrations are now closed

Luau 5k 10k & Half Marathon Race Website

Luau 5k 10k & Half Marathon Website

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