Napa Valley Endurance Run 50k 35k & Half Marathon

Sunday, April 13, 2025 Calistoga, CA

Napa Valley Endurance Run 50k 35k & Half Marathon in Calistoga CA

Prepare to embrace the rugged beauty of the Napa Valley Endurance Run, an event that unfolded amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Robert Louis Stevenson State Park in the heart of Calistoga. The race, contrary to its name, was anything but a leisurely stroll; it was a thrilling adventure that would take participants through rarely-run trails, promising a challenge that would test their mettle. This was not a day at the spa; it was an exhilarating and demanding race, destined to be etched in the memory as a bucket-list experience.

The event offered three distinct races, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. The 50k race, an ultimate test of endurance, led runners out and along the Palisades, all the way to the pinnacle of Mount St. Helena. Along the way, they would encounter mystical trail features, such as the Maze, with its captivating Nautilus centerpiece. For the 35k runners, the journey would encompass all these remarkable sights, but they would make their turnaround at Highway 29. Meanwhile, the half-marathon runners embarked on one of the most formidable half-marathons in the country, with the promise of an awe-inspiring view from the Palisades Aid Station. And for those tackling the 10k, it was a climb up the Oat Hill Mine Trail to a turnaround point in the burn zone.

The Napa Valley Endurance Run was an opportunity to explore new trails, experience unmatched natural beauty, and challenge one’s limits. It was not just a race; it was an adventure through the Palisades, with each course promising stunning views and demanding terrain.

To give a glimpse of the excitement and intensity, Penny MacPhail’s review painted a vivid picture. She described the event as “EPIC” and “the mother of all ultra routes.” Her words echoed the sentiments of many participants who found themselves caught up in the sheer thrill of the race. The Napa Valley Endurance Run had captured the hearts of those who ventured to experience its beauty and intensity.

The race started and finished at Logvy Park in downtown Calistoga, a fitting base for this epic adventure. Runners would roll and navigate through the Palisades, traversing trails that few had explored before. The race was not for the faint of heart; it was for those who sought to conquer the toughest challenges and push their boundaries.

With the Napa Valley Endurance Run, participants didn’t just run a race; they embarked on a remarkable journey through nature’s wonders. The event was a celebration of the indomitable spirit of runners who reveled in the opportunity to test their mettle and be rewarded with awe-inspiring views. It was a race, an adventure, and a memory to cherish, with the promise of stunning trails and the thrill of the unknown.

Race Weather & Climate

Located in the northern reaches of Napa Valley, Calistoga, California, is just 75 miles north of San Francisco. This town is celebrated for its hot springs and world-class wineries.

Calistoga, California, on April 14th, typically experiences average high temperatures of 70-75°F and average low temperatures of 45-50°F. Rainfall during this period is generally minimal, with averages around 0.1-0.3 inches.

Napa Valley Endurance Run Race Results

Napa Valley Endurance Run Course Map

See the race route map for the Napa Valley Endurance Run course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 9:00 AM.


To reserve your spot in the 2025 Napa Valley Endurance Run, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

  • There is a $85.00 ($95.00 after Dec 31) fee for the half marathon.
  • There is a $130.00 ($140.00 after Dec 31) fee for the 50k.
  • There is a $95.00 ($105.00 after Dec 31) fee for the 35k.
  • There is a $55.00 ($65.00 after Dec 31) fee for the 10k.

Napa Valley Endurance Run Race Website

Napa Valley Endurance Run Website

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