Night of the Living Runners Half Marathon 15k 10k & 5k

Sunday, October 12, 2024 Long Beach, CA

Night of the Living Runners Half Marathon 15k 10k & 5k in Long Beach, CA

Step into a realm of coastal tranquility and exhilaration with High Tide Runs, where the pounding waves harmonize with the rhythmic beat of your heart. If you’re a devoted runner, you understand the thrill of the race, the joy of crossing the finish line, and the escape that running brings. Now, imagine all of this set against the breathtaking backdrop of the endless ocean horizon.

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So, who’s invited to our events? The answer is simple: everyone! High Tide Runs embraces a true spirit of inclusion. Our races are a tapestry of individuals, woven together by their shared passion for movement. Age, speed, and experience matter not – if you’re eager to be part of the journey, you’re already one of us. Join us in celebrating the run and the sea, where the horizon meets your determination.

Race Weather & Climate

Long Beach, California, graces the coast of Los Angeles County, located approximately 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

Early October in Long Beach, CA sees average high temperatures of 70-75°F and average low temperatures of 55-60°F. It’s the start of autumn, characterized by mild and comfortable conditions with minimal rainfall.

Night of the Living Runners Half Marathon Race Results

Night of the Living Runners Half Marathon Course Map

See the race route map for the Night of the Living Runners Half Marathon course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 7:00 AM PDT.

The course closes at 10:15 AM PDT.


To reserve your spot in the 2024 Night of the Living Runners Half Marathon, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

$38+ for the Half Marathon

$28+ for the 10K

$24+ for the 5K

Multi-race discounts available.

Night of the Living Runners Half Marathon Race Website

Night of the Living Runners Half Marathon Website

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