Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 LA

Saturday, October 7, 2023 Pacific Palisades, CA

Sloth Run 5K 10K 13.1 LA in Pacific Palisades, CA

Get ready to slow down, and we mean that in the best possible way. The Sloth Run is back, and it’s the perfect event for those who not only love running but also have a soft spot for these adorable creatures. It’s a unique experience that combines fitness with a passion for sloths.

As you gather with fellow sloth lovers, the focus is not on speed but on enjoying the journey. The course chosen for this event is designed to offer a leisurely and picturesque backdrop for your run. You’ll have the opportunity to traverse tranquil paths, perhaps surrounded by the beauty of nature, as if you were right there with the sloths in their natural habitat. It’s a reminder to take things slow, appreciate the world around you, and savor every moment.

But the real highlight of the Sloth Run is what comes after your run. Our coordinators have something special for you. After completing your race, you can pick up a unique Sloth Charm to commemorate your run. It’s a keepsake that serves as a reminder of your dedication to these fascinating creatures.

What makes this year’s Sloth Run even more special is its commitment to the Sloth Conservation Foundation. A portion of the net proceeds from the event, along with 100% of the funds raised through optional fundraising, will go directly to this foundation. By participating in this run, you’re not only celebrating your love for sloths but also contributing to their protection and conservation. It’s a way for the running community to come together and make a meaningful difference.

The Sloth Run is open to all, from seasoned runners to those who are just starting their running journey. It’s an event that welcomes everyone with a shared love for sloths. So, if you’re ready to lace up your running shoes and join the ranks of sloth lovers, this is your chance. Run at your own pace, enjoy the scenic course, and commemorate your run with a Sloth Charm, all while contributing to sloth conservation efforts.

In a world that often moves too fast, the Sloth Run is a delightful reminder to slow down, appreciate the beauty of nature, and support a worthy cause. Join us for a run that celebrates both sloths and a sense of purpose, and make a positive impact on the preservation of these amazing animals.

Race Weather & Climate

Nestled within Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, California, is positioned about 20 miles west of downtown LA, attracting residents with its upscale coastal charm.

October 7th brings the early autumn charm to Pacific Palisades, CA. The day typically features average high temperatures of 70-75°F and average low temperatures of 55-60°F. This season offers comfortable conditions with minimal rainfall, making it perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and the scenic surroundings.

Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 LA Course Map

See the race route map for the Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 LA course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 8:00 AM PDT.

The course closes at 8:00 PM PDT.


To reserve your spot in the 2023 Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 LA, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

Online registration is closed.

Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 LA Race Website

Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 LA Website

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