Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1

Saturday, October 7, 2023 Sacramento, CA

Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 - Sacramento, CA

In the heart of this extraordinary event, sloth enthusiasts will unite, lace up their running shoes, and join forces for a unique cause. This is not just any run; it’s an opportunity for all those who adore these gentle creatures to come together. As you hit the trails, you’ll embark on a journey that not only celebrates your passion for sloths but also contributes to their preservation.

The Sloth Run brings runners and walkers from all backgrounds, ages, and paces into one harmonious movement. Whether you’re a seasoned sprinter or someone who prefers a leisurely stroll, this event embraces everyone. Participants as young as 18 (with a guardian) are encouraged to join this heartwarming run.

The cause that this event supports is as extraordinary as the creatures it reveres. A significant portion of the net proceeds, combined with 100% of the funds raised through this run, is dedicated to The Sloth Conservation Foundation. The foundation is committed to protecting these fascinating animals and their natural habitats, making this run a compelling way to actively engage in sloth conservation.

The Sloth Run’s exclusivity adds a unique dimension to the experience. Each wave of runners is intentionally kept small, limited to just 15 participants. This allows for a more intimate and focused run, where you can truly connect with fellow sloth lovers, share stories, and make memories.

What makes this run even more special is the opportunity to commemorate your participation with a Sloth Charm. After you’ve crossed the finish line and experienced the sheer joy of the run, the coordinators will present you with this special token. It will be a reminder of the impact you’ve made for sloth conservation and a lasting connection to the world of these incredible creatures.

The Sloth Run is a manifestation of pure love and passion. It’s not about the bells and whistles; it’s about the unadulterated joy of running. There’s no need for special equipment or elaborate setups. It’s a simple, pure run that is bound to touch your heart and, in the process, contribute to the well-being of the sloths we all hold dear. However, remember that this unique run tends to sell out quickly, and once waves are full, you can still be part of it through the virtual run option and wait list. So, join us, and let your love for sloths guide your steps along this extraordinary trail.

Race Weather & Climate

Located in Sacramento County, Sacramento, California, serves as the state’s capital.

Early October in Sacramento, CA brings a pleasant blend of seasons with average high temperatures of 80-85°F and average low temperatures of 50-55°F. It’s a time of shifting from summer to fall, providing warm and inviting weather. Rainfall during this period is generally minimal, allowing for enjoyable outdoor pursuits.

Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 Course Map

See the race route map for the Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 8:00 AM.

The end time for the half marathon is 8:00 PM.


To reserve your spot in the 2023 Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

Online registration is closed.

Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 Race Website

Sloth Run 5k 10k & 13.1 Website

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