Trail Run at Sly Park

Saturday, October 26, 2024 Pollock Pines, CA

Trail Run at Sly Park - Pollock Pines CA

Get ready for a trail-running adventure like no other at the Sly Park Recreation Area in Pollock Pines, a pristine location nestled under the protective canopy of the El Dorado National Forest. This event is a special treat, allowing you to traverse the magnificent trails that wind around Jenkinson Lake, leading you through the embrace of countless pine trees and gently undulating horse trails.

What makes this race truly exceptional is that it takes place not once but three times a year,enabling runners to immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty of this park during various seasons. Each run offers a unique experience as you witness the park’s transformation from one season to the next.

The carefully marked courses are your guide to the natural wonders that await. Ribbons, signs, and gypsum markers are thoughtfully placed to ensure you stay on track while enjoying the stunning surroundings.

To embark on this endurance run, you must come prepared. The path before you is challenging, and the conditions are variable, so appropriate attire is key to a successful race day.

As you cross the finish line, a special treasure awaits you. Every participant will receive a commemorative medal, an enduring reminder of your accomplishment and a token of your determination to conquer the trail.

For those moments when you need a boost to keep moving forward, strategically placed aid stations will be available along the route. These stations are stocked with all the necessities to keep you fueled and hydrated during your journey through this exceptional landscape.

The Sly Park Recreation Area event is more than just a race; it’s an exploration of nature’s wonders, an endurance challenge, and a chance to unite with fellow runners. With the ever-changing backdrop of the seasons, this race offers an experience that is both memorable and inspiring. So, gear up for a trail-running escapade that promises to leave you with indelible memories and a triumphant spirit.

Race Weather & Climate

Pollock Pines, California, is a mountain community in El Dorado County, located about 60 miles east of Sacramento. Renowned for its proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountains, it offers residents a serene alpine lifestyle within reach of California’s capital city.

On October 14th in Pollock Pines, CA, you can anticipate average high temperatures of 70-75°F and average low temperatures of 45-50°F. This date falls in mid-autumn, offering mild and comfortable weather. Rainfall during this time is generally minimal, creating a pleasant and dry autumn atmosphere.

Trail Run at Sly Park Race Results

Trail Run at Sly Park Course Map

See the race route map for the Trail Run at Sly Park course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 8:00 AM.

The time limit for the half marathon is 4 hours.


To reserve your spot in the 2024 Trail Run at Sly Park, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

  • There is a $80 and up fee for the half marathon.
  • There is a $55 and up fee for the 5k.
  • There is a $65 and up fee for the 10k.
  • There is a $70 and up fee for the 8 Mile.
  • There is a $90 and up fee for the 17 Mile.
  • There is a $100 and up fee for the Trail marathon.
  • There is a $110 and up fee for the 50k.

Trail Run at Sly Park Race Website

Trail Run at Sly Park Website

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