Weed Run/Walk For Our Community Half Marathon

Saturday, May 2, 2015 • Weed, CA • Course Map

Each race at the Weed Run/Walk For Our Community follows a different course, but the path for the half marathon is definitely one that is scenic and beautiful, to say the least as runners are able to make their way through the Shasta Valley.

Weed itself is an olden lumber town and runners are able to pass by some of the town’s most notable sights, including the Weed Arch downtown. The race features a half marathon, 5K and 10K.

For the half marathon, runners will find themselves at the starting line on Slough Road where the Shasta Valley begins. Shasta Valley is about 10 miles north of Weed and is home to the Shasta River as well as Mount Shasta.

Here, runners will have great views of the hills, forests and mountains looking down on the course, and every two miles runners will have the opportunity to grab a drink or energy booster from the aid stations along the course.

When runners have made their way south along Slough Road, runners will pass by a variety of town gems, the first being the Edgewood Store which has been in service since 1888 and sells custom furniture.

After passing the Edgewood, runners will approach the Old Stage Coach trail, later passing by Robber’s Rock after the trail ends, and the Weed Golf Course. Open since 1929, the golf course may have a few golfers out on it by the time runners are passing by its fairways.

Once the golf course is out of sight, the next landmark that runners will notice is the Weed Arch, which welcomes runners into Weed’s downtown. After the field makes its way through the arch, the end of the race is near as runners approach the campus of Weed High School.

Race Weather & Climate

Located just a few miles north of Mount Shasta in Northern California, about 285 miles north of San Francisco, Weed typically sees May temperatures that average between 68°F and 38°F, while rainfall totals average just over 1.3 inches for the month.

On the day of the race (May 2), the average low is 35°F and the average high is 64°F.

Course Map

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