Mountain RATS 55k, Marathon, & Half Marathon

September 16, 2023 Eagle, CO

A runner in the course of the Mountain RATS 55k, Marathon, & Half Marathon in Eagle, CO

Kick off the Fall season at Mountain Rats 55k, Marathon & Half Marathon racing event in gorgeous Eagle, Colorado, and challenge yourself in this exciting festival of fun and adventure.

Trail Runners, Scenic Views, Challenging Course. With spectacular views of rugged mountains and beautiful scenery of its natural landscapes, this remote and secluded event is a destination race for many, not merely because of its challenging terrain and elevation but its natural beauty offered throughout. 

Not to mention, as a “heavy half” half marathon, runners shouldn’t expect a typical 13.1-mile course but rather a 14.8-mile course comprising steep elevation climbing.

With a start and finish line in the heart of Eagle Ranch, this challenging half-marathon course takes runners through a system of rugged, mountainous trails. It starts at Eagle Ranch and includes 2 water stops and 2 aid stations. 

The race begins on a bike path, then goes up Horton Street and onto the School House Rock Trail. After a short climb and descent, you’ll reach the first water stop at mile 1.7. The longest climb of the race, 4 miles with an 1100-foot elevation gain, starts at Elmer’s Trail and includes scenic views and descents along the World’s Greatest and Scratch Trails. 

The first aid station is at mile 5.3. After the second aid station, runners follow a dirt road with a steep climb, then descend on Easy Rider Trail, ending at mile 9.2. The course continues with a merge onto Star Wars Trail, another climb on Pole Road, and a descent on Hockett Gulch Trail before reaching the second water stop at mile 13.1.

The race concludes with a final 200-foot climb, followed by a winding descent to the finish line at Horton Street Trailhead. 

After you complete the course successfully, be sure to continue to the fun-filled day in celebration with complimentary beer, live music, a hot meal, and more. Heck, there are even massage therapist sessions on offer for those in need!

Race Weather & Climate

Eagle is situated in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, approximately 30 miles west of Vail, providing a picturesque mountain town experience.

September 16 in Eagle, Colorado represents the late summer season. High temperatures typically reach around 73°F, providing a pleasant and warm environment for outdoor activities. As the day transitions into evening, temperatures gradually drop to approximately 42°F, signaling the cooler nights that come with the approach of autumn. Precipitation levels are generally low, with an average of around 0.7 inches, making it a great day to explore the natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities in Eagle.

Mountain RATS Half Marathon Race Results

Mountain RATS 55k, Marathon, & Half Marathon Course Map

See the race route map for the Mountain RATS 55k, Marathon, & Half Marathon course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 8:00 AM.

There is no time limit.


To reserve your spot in the 2023 Mountain RATS 55k, Marathon, & Half Marathon, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

Online registration is now closed for this race.

Mountain RATS 55k, Marathon, & Half Marathon Race Website

Mountain RATS 55k, Marathon, & Half Marathon Website

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