Southwest Series Day 2 Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5k

Monday, November 6, 2023 Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado

As part of Mainly Marathons, the Southwest Series Day 2 Half Marathon is one of 75 races across the United States, this one taking place in Durango, Colorado. 

Road Runners. With a smooth paved path with short bouts of gravel trails, this half-marathon course is a looping course with a total of five (5) laps. Taking runners through the Riverwalk trail, you can expect tree-shaded paths, views of the river, and cool temperatures of early winter. 

Starting at the Fairgrounds in Riverwalk Trail on 2500 Main Avenue, this simple course design takes runners along Riverwalk Trail for a total of five up-and-back loops. 

With zero time limit constraints, walkers and runners alike are welcome to embark on this challenge without pressure to compete at a certain level. 

With finisher’s medals for all who cross the finish line, this event is largely a community family event that means more than decoration. Offering all participants delicious food to celebrate post-race, it’s dubbed the World’s Best Running Series for more reasons than one. 

Race Weather & Climate

Durango is a charming town located in southwestern Colorado, nestled in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, offering a mix of outdoor adventure and historic charm.

November 6 in Durango, Colorado marks the transition from autumn to early winter. High temperatures typically reach around 52°F, offering a cool and crisp atmosphere for outdoor activities. As the day progresses into evening, temperatures drop significantly to around 23°F, signaling the onset of colder nights and potential frost. Precipitation levels are relatively low, with an average of just 0.6 inches, making it a time when you can still enjoy the beauty of fall while preparing for the winter ahead in Durango.

Southwest Series Race Results

Southwest Series Race Results

Southwest Series Course Map

See the race route map for the Southwest Series course map here.


To reserve your spot in the 2023 Southwest Series Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5k, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

  • There is a $120.00 fee for the half marathon.
  • There is a $135.00 fee for the marathon.
  • There is a $45.00 fee for the 5K.
  • There is a $55.00 fee for the 10K.
  • There is a $145.00 fee for the 50K.

Southwest Series Race Website

Southwest Series Race Website

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