Air Line Trail Ghost Run Half Marathon & Relay 

Saturday, November 4, 2023 Hebron, CT

Blackledge Falls, Hebron, CT

Welcome to one of the spookiest races in all of New England – the 20th Annual Air Line Trail Ghost Run – Half Marathon! This race takes place on the same trail that was once traveled by the luxurious “Ghost Train” back in 1891 – now that’s some history!

The Air Line Trail is a beautiful stretch of land that runs through the towns of Hebron, Colchester, and East Hampton in Connecticut. Known for its serene and peaceful ambiance, the Air Line Trail Ghost Run takes runners through picturesque scenery that includes rolling hills, charming neighborhoods, and wide open spaces, making for an unforgettable half marathon experience.

Starting at Hebron Elementary School, right off Route 85, runners will head south on Route 85 before picking up the Air Line Trail. The trail, flat and surfaced with packed dirt, will then take runners on a scenic journey through the charming towns of Colchester and East Hampton.

At the Trail Head, runners will then travel down the trail to Watrous Street before taking a left onto Summit Street, leading them to the finish line at Center Elementary School in East Hampton. Shuttle buses are available for all runners moving in each direction to ensure maximum convenience throughout the course.

The 13.1-mile course (which is certified) features several key points along the way, including the famous “Grayville Road” leg, which spans a distance of 3.6 miles. Runners will then transition to the “River Road Overpass” segment, covering 4.2 miles before arriving at the finish line. The course follows a horseshoe shape and is the perfect mix of flat stretches and rolling hills. 

This annual event is the perfect opportunity to take on a unique and challenging run through some of the most scenic places in Connecticut. You won’t want to miss it!

Race Weather & Climate

Hebron is a town in Tolland County, Connecticut, located in the central part of the state. It’s situated about 24 miles east of Hartford, one of the largest cities in Connecticut. Hebron offers residents a peaceful, rural lifestyle in the heart of Connecticut.

In Hebron, CT, on November 4, the average high temperature is around 54°F, while the average low temperature is about 33°F. This time of year marks late autumn with cool, crisp weather. Rainfall averages approximately 3.5 inches for the month of November in the region.

Air Line Trail Ghost Run Half Marathon Race Results

Air Line Trail Ghost Run Half Marathon Course Map

See the race route map for the Air Line Trail Ghost Run Half Marathon course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 9:00 AM EDT.

The course cut-off is at 2:00 PM EDT.


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Race Fees

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