Course Map: Williams Route 66 Half Marathon

Runners follow a point-to-point course at the Williams Route 66 Half Marathon, which starts with the full marathon at the corner of 7th and Main Street downtown, and shares the same route for most of the course — just before the finish, runners in the half marathon turn off to Cameron Street to complete the race, while those running the full marathon continue on for another 13.1 miles. In between, the race unfolds through city parks and downtown neighborhoods, including a long, flat stretch along the Arkansas River and a bridge crossing along Route 66 proper in the last few miles.

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Note: The course map above provides the approximate route for the race. Though every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, changes are sometimes made to race routes due to weather conditions, road closures or other circumstances that can require a course to be changed. If you see an error above, contact us here.