Fort Desoto Half Marathon

Saturday, January 4, 2025 Saint Petersburg, FL

Fort Desoto Half Marathon in Saint Petersburg, FL

On Saturday, January 4th, embrace the thrill of the Fort Desoto Half Marathon, a race that promises not just a run but a memorable adventure. The course unfolds against the backdrop of the Historic Fort at Fort Desoto State Park in Florida, creating an enchanting and historic starting point and finish line.

Key Race Features:

Start and Finish at Historic Fort: The race commences and concludes at the iconic Historic Fort, offering runners a unique and historically rich atmosphere. The course showcases the natural beauty of Fort Desoto State Park, making it a bucket list race for participants seeking both challenge and scenic delight.

Finisher Awards: Celebrate your accomplishment with exclusive finisher awards, recognizing the achievements of both Half Marathon and 10K participants. It’s not just a race; it’s a triumph to be remembered.

Custom Aerobottle for All: Every registered athlete receives a custom Aerobottle, ensuring hydration is both stylish and convenient. (Note: T-shirts are available for purchase separately.)

Varied Course Challenges: The course is designed with 5K, 10K, and 15K splits, providing options for runners to choose their desired distance and level of challenge.

Fueling Stations: Stay energized with strategically placed water, sports drinks, gels, snacks, and fruits along the course. Well-marked stations at the 5K, 10K, and 15K markers ensure you’re supported every step of the way.

Package Pickup at the Fort: Race day preparations are seamless with package pickup available at Fort Desoto Park on the morning of January 4th at 6:00 AM, allowing participants to focus on the race ahead.

Additional Information:

Convenient Parking: Utilize the mobile parking app to simplify parking payments, eliminating cash transactions and streamlining the entry process, ensuring a smooth start to your race day.

Embrace the challenge, relish the history, and savor the scenic beauty at the Fort Desoto Half Marathon—an event that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the spirit of running. Join us on January 6th for a race that promises not just a finish line but an unforgettable journey.

Race Weather & Climate

Situated in Pinellas County on Florida’s western coast, St. Petersburg is celebrated for its stunning waterfront, vibrant downtown, and cultural attractions, making it a prime destination for those seeking a coastal urban lifestyle with access to beautiful beaches and a thriving arts and entertainment community.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, in early January, the average high temperature is around 70°F, and the low is approximately 54°F. This time marks the mild winter season with comfortable temperatures and lower humidity levels.

Fort Desoto Half Marathon Race Results

Fort Desoto Half Marathon Course Map

See the race route map for the Fort Desoto Half Marathon course map here.

Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 7:00 AM EST.

The course closes at 10:30 AM EST.


To reserve your spot in the 2025 Fort Desoto Half Marathon, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

  • There is a $85.00 fee for the half marathon.
  • There is a $65.00 fee for the 10k.
  • There is a $60.00 fee for the wheelchair division.

Fort Desoto Half Marathon Race Website

Fort Desoto Half Marathon Website

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