I’m Bound for Boston Marathon & Half Marathon

Sunday, December 8, 2024 Sarasota, FL

I'm Bound for Boston Marathon & Half Marathon in Sarasota, FL

Fuel your Boston dreams at our Marathon Dreams 1-Mile Event in the picturesque Meadows of Sarasota, FL. Designed for speed enthusiasts, this event boasts a super flat and fast 1-mile certified course that caters to those eyeing a Boston qualification or aiming for a personal record.

The race unfolds around The Meadows, offering a compact yet exhilarating loop. Both the Full Marathon and Half Marathon courses are USATF certified, ensuring accuracy and legitimacy. Notably, the Full Marathon stands as a Boston Qualifier, making it an ideal choice for those harboring aspirations of conquering the renowned Boston Marathon.

Intriguingly, this event deliberately maintains a small field, guaranteeing a clear path and personalized attention for every participant. While circling the 1-mile loop, revel in the rhythm of music and entertainment strategically placed along the course, injecting energy and motivation into every step.

Whether Boston-bound or simply seeking a PR-friendly course, Marathon Dreams 1-Mile Event invites you to chase your running aspirations in a scenic and dynamic setting. Lace up for a race where dreams become strides, and each loop brings you closer to your goals!

Race Weather & Climate

Sarasota, Florida, is a vibrant city located in Sarasota County, situated on the southwestern coast of the state. It’s known for its cultural richness, beautiful beaches, and a thriving arts scene.

In Sarasota, Florida, on December 8, you can expect an average high temperature of around 75°F and an average low temperature of approximately 55°F. December marks the beginning of the winter season, and Sarasota enjoys mild and pleasant weather. Typically, the area receives about 2 inches of rainfall during December.

I’m Bound for Boston Half Marathon Race Results

I’m Bound for Boston Half Marathon Course Map

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Starting Time

The half marathon start time is 6:30 AM EST.

There is a 4 hour time limit on the course.


To reserve your spot in the 2024 I’m Bound for Boston Half Marathon, you can use the registration link here.

Race Fees

  • There is a $65.00 fee for the half marathon.
  • There is a $95.00 fee for the marathon.

I’m Bound for Boston Half Marathon Race Website

I’m Bound for Boston Half Marathon Website

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