It’s Global Running Day! Here’s What It’s All About

For those who don’t know, the first Wednesday in June is known as the greatest day ever. Why?

That’s because it’s Global Running Day, now officially recognized around the world as a day to celebrate running, your running achievements, your friend’s achievements and the attitude and friendliness of runners.

It’s a day dedicated to anything and everything related to running. It’s a day that you can commit to talking about running with nothing standing in your way.

What are a few ways to celebrate?

1) Go for a run

The best way possible to celebrate it get out and go for a run. Whether you are running by yourself, with friends or even a pet, get out and go for a run. As obvious as it is, the number one way to celebrate is to go for a run.

2) Sign up for a race

There is no time like now to pick a new goal race. Do you want to train through the summer? How about train for a fall half marathon? Try a new distance? Today is the perfect day to choose a new goal race. In fact, some races even include a discount for signing up for their race on Global Running Day.

3) Buy yourself new gear

Who doesn’t need an excuse to purchase new gear? Now that it’s getting warmer out, you don’t want to run in your long sleeves and old winter gear. Today is the perfect day to purchase new shoes, new clothing, new socks and brand new gear. Don’t hold back, but maybe hide your receipts from your significant other or at least buy them a new piece of gear too.

4) Check out running events near you

Chances are your local running store is holding a group run or special event. It’s the perfect excuse to make new friends and enjoy a group run or event with people who also like to celebrate running.

5) Brag

Finally and most important, as a runner, today is your day to brag about your accomplishments. Don’t hold back and tell your coworkers everything. Did you just PR? Did you finish a race in the pouring rain? Did you finally beat race chafing? Whatever your latest running accomplishment is, brag about it.

Even though June 7th is dedicated to running, you don’t have to limit your celebrations to one day. Every day can be like this — if you make it that way.

Hollie Sick is an avid runner who’s completed more than 30 half marathons. Read her blog, or follow her on Facebook.

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