How You Know You’re Talking To a Runner

© Antonioguillem |

© Antonioguillem |

1) Lots of “mileage talk”

Whether it’s miles per run, miles per week, or miles per year, runners love to discuss how far they’ve gone. They love to talk about distance PRs and will find any reason to let you know they just finished 5 miles. Most log their data like a diligent CPA and can tell you exactly how far they ran in June 2011 with a quick search.

2) They make sporty wardrobe choices

There are 2 types of runners who seem to always be caught wearing their gear in public situations. The ones who are flaunting the fact that they are a runner (classic newbie).

And the ones who have slowly transitioned most of their wardrobe to running clothes (running addict). They want to know why would you wear a cotton shirt when you own 23 tech tees that are so comfy?!

3) They health-binge

When training for a race, some runners will radically alter their diet. They’ll consume food constituting a balanced diet (re: fruits, vegetables, lean protein) and drink plenty of water.

The few days post-race are the giveaway that they are runner. Often rivaling the behavior of Henry VIII, they will inhale vast amounts of calories without abandon. The longer the race, the longer this careless attitude lasts.

4) They’re a weekend party pooper

While everyone else is enjoying a few extra hours of socializing on Friday and Saturday nights, runners are snuggled in their beds. They duck out of parties early to make sure they get plenty of shuteye before their long weekend run. Then, depending on the distance they cover, they often spend the afternoon napping.

5) They state the obvious

You won’t need to ask. Runners will identify themselves. Any way they can edge running into conversation, they will. Seriously.

Talking about your love of guacamole at Chipotle? Oh, I love getting burritos after I go for a long run!

Talking about your hatred of carry-on rules on airplanes? I have even more to pack with all my running gear!

Talking about your dog’s enormous vet bill? I wish I had a dog to run with!

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