Not 4 Wimps Race Half Marathon, 10M, & 10k

Saturday, February 18, 2024  • Derby, KS

Prepare for the 32nd annual Not 4 Wimps trail run at Warren Riverview Park—a thrilling test of endurance and determination.

Get ready for the 32nd annual Not 4 Wimps trail run, a thrilling event that promises to test your mettle. The race will be held at Warren Riverview Park, featuring a challenging trail course.

The limited capacity of 200 participants encourages early sign-ups to secure a spot in this exhilarating trail run.

The course, shared across all three distances, is well-marked to guide participants along the trail. With water stations strategically placed, starting at the 3-mile mark, and trash cans nearby to maintain trail cleanliness, organizers prioritize a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Post-event, bottled water will be provided, and participants are encouraged to bring their own snacks to share at the fire-pit, creating a communal and celebratory atmosphere. Friends and family are welcomed to join, with the Lodge balcony offering a prime viewpoint.

This timed course, though well-marked, embraces its trail nature. Participants should keep an eye out for course markings to stay on track. The trail’s challenges include potential encounters with spider webs, serving as a humorous reminder that getting lost adds an extra layer of adventure.

While there are no age group medals, finisher’s medals, or elaborate shirts, the race offers a unique sense of pride and accomplishment. Finishers will be rewarded with awesome giveaways, celebrating the triumph of completing a challenging race in the middle of February.

Not 4 Wimps is more than a race; it’s an opportunity to break free from the winter doldrums, embrace the trail, and revel in the satisfaction of conquering a course that demands determination and resilience. Join this bargain race and proudly share your accomplishment with friends, standing out as the winter warrior who took on the challenge while others remained in hibernation.

Race Weather & Climate

In Derby, located just outside of Wichita in central Kansas, expect an average high temperature of around 47°F and a low of approximately 26°F. Winter prevails, offering cool days and cold nights. The weather is characterized by the crispness of winter, and February typically sees an average rainfall of about 1 inch.

Not 4 Wimps Race Half Marathon Course Map

See the race route map for the half marathon here.

Starting Time

  • 12:00 PM CST – 10K Run
  • 12:00 PM CST – 10 Mile Run
  • 12:00 PM CST – Half Marathon

Course Limit

  • 3 hours for 10K Run
  • 3 hours for 10 Mile Run
  • 3 hours for Half Marathon

Not 4 Wimps Race Half Marathon Fees

  • $25 for 10K Run
  • $30 10 Mile Run
  • $35 Half Marathon

See the current fees for all race distances on the race director’s website here.

Not 4 Wimps Race Half Marathon Registration

You can find the registration for all race distances on RunSignup.

Official Race Website

Additional race information can be found at RunSignup.

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