Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon

Saturday, January 15, 2022 • Topeka, KS • Course Map

runsignupOne of the region’s most challenging half-marathon events thanks to its often warm and windy Kansas summer weather, the Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon takes runners from residential neighborhoods just outside the downtown area of the state’s capitol to the more rural areas in the nearby city of Auburn, just to the southwest of Topeka.

This point-to-point race, which is run over a combination of flat, hilly and paved terrain, has seen a number of course changes over the years, and in 2022 will begin near Indian Hills Elementary School, just north of Sherwood Lake.

For the first several miles of the course, the race takes runners along paved city streets, following a mostly southward direction through the city. In the first third of the race, the course takes an eastward turn toward Sherwood Lake, and then turns south again toward the finish line at the village of Auburn.

The final five miles of the race are a combination of gravel-surface country roads and a paved road for the race’s final mile. Runners should be prepared to run some hills, because this race includes a number of steep hills along the way, with several hills featuring climbs of 100 feet in elevation or more.

The race’s highest point occurs around mile 6.5 (1,190 feet above sea level) and its lowest is around mile 1.5 (956 feet). Just over 330 runners crossed the finish line at the race’s 2014 running.

Race Weather & Climate

Though it is generally wet this time of year (January sees about 4.24 inches of precipitation on average), Topeka can be cold in the winter, as January temperatures average between 20°F and 40°F.

On the day of the race (Jan. 15), the average low is 24°F and the average high is 32°F.

The course’s mostly north-south direction also means that runners will have plenty of wind throughout the race, which will make conditions feel cooler.

Past Results

Course Map

See the course map for the Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon here.

Starting Time

7:30 AM


  • $80 for the half marathon


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