Like Running Here? Then You Might Be a Runner…

© Vladsogodel |

© Vladsogodel |

We’ve begun a series of the ways you know you’re a runner — see the first 10 ways here, and 10 more ways here. Winter presents its own particular set of obstacles, however, but real runners know they’re just hurdles to jump over.

Right? 😉

Here’s 10 more winter-influenced ways you know you might be a runner:

1) You want to lose weight to run faster, not to fit into skinny jeans.

2) You’ve eaten an entire box of pasta as a post-run snack.

3) You’ve said, “I could have run there faster” and meant it.

4) You think snowy days are a fun challenge, not a reason to forgo a workout.

5) The salespeople at your local running store know you by name.

6) Sleeping in on your typical long run day makes you feel guilty.

7) You are American-born and can convert kilometers to miles.

8) You think finding the perfect running shoes is a bit like searching for the fountain of youth.

9) Being injured is as close to a death sentence as you can imagine.

10) You’ve ever trolled previous race results looking to see how the competition will stack up.

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  • Steve Peet January 15, 2015, 6:13 pm

    Damned this trueness! Sleeping in shouldn’t bring guilt, but it does.

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