You Might Be a Runner If…

© Uptall |

© Uptall |

1) You’ve worn compression socks to the office.

2) The first thing to be packed for a vacation is your running shoes.

3) You’ve left a social event early because of an impending weekend long run in the morning.

4) You’ve spent $15 on a pair a running socks, but balk at paying $5 for dress socks.

5) You check your heart rate regularly just to see how low it is.

6) You know all your distance PRs, but still forget the date of your brother-in-law’s birthday.

7) You stake out running routes prior to visiting a new city.

8) You know the definition of the words “tempo” and “fartlek.”

9) Safety pins litter your kitchen junk drawer.

10) You think running in the rain is perfectly acceptable, but running without your GPS watch is unfathomable.

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  • DeLisa December 30, 2014, 4:02 pm

    HILARIOUS!!! I shared on my page…hopefully some of my peeps will cruise on over and read!!!

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