Sweathouse Half Marathon

Friday, May 1, 2020 – Sunday, May 31, 2020 • Victor, MT • Course Map

Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this event is now a virtual race. You can run any route you choose in May and submit your results by June 3.

Around 100 runners cross the finish line each year at Victor’s Sweathouse Half Marathon, which takes runners on an out-and-back loop route along the streets of this small town in the area known as the Bitterroot Valley here in westernmost Montana, nestled between two mountain ranges on either side and next to the Bitterroot River.

The half marathon takes runners on a clockwise loop around the areas to the south, west and north of town, starting at Victor Park, on the corner of the town’s 5th Avenue and Meridian Road.

From there, runners follow the course south down Meridian and head out into the rural areas south of town, and get to take in some of the spectacular natural beauty of both the wide-open fields as well as the peaks of the Bitterroot and Sapphire mountains off in the distance.

The route continues south along Meridian for the first two miles, taking runners right and then left again just after passing the mile 2 marker.

The course then heads west onto Tushapaw Road before turning onto Middle Bear Creek Road and then again onto Red Crow Road, which runners then follow north for just over the next two miles.

Between the 8th and 9th mile markers, runners turn right onto Sweathouse Creek Road, which lies just east of the Bitterroot Mountains, where the Sweathouse Falls and Sweathouse Creek areas lie up in the mountains.

There, you can take the two-mile trail up to the pair of waterfalls that cascade over granite precipices, thanks to an agreement between Montana Fish & Wildlife and the private landowner who owns the land the trail crosses through.

Runners continue eastward and northward along Sweathouse Creek Road, following the turns left and right in the road as it winds its way back toward Meridian Road.

The last couple of miles of the course then take runners south back toward town, and include stretches along Victor’s 6th and 5th Avenues before brining runners back to Victor Park for the race finish.

Race Weather & Climate

Located in western Montana, just a few miles from the state border with Idaho and roughly 35 miles south of Missoula, the town of Victor typically experiences cool to mild weather in the mid-spring season, as May typically sees temperatures ranging from the low 40s to the upper 60s.

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Course Map

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