DreamCatcher Half Marathon: The Stunning Beauty of Running Western Colorado

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dclogo-125A small race that takes place in March under the big sky of western Colorado. Stunning views, mostly flat and fast terrain, and a unique staggered start for runners of every ability level. Here, runners in the earliest starting time — the “Rockers,” who begin at 7:00 AM — head out onto the trails along the Colorado River, and into Las Colinas Park:


Later — two and a half hours later, at 9:30 AM — the speedy runners who expect to finish in less than two hours take off from the starting line at the “Jack Rabbit” start:


All around the race course, you’ll see scenery like this: Mount Garfield, one of the natural landmarks of Colorado’s Grand Valley. If you feel up for it after the race, there’s a two-mile hike to the top, with a 2,000-ft. elevation gain. The elevation at the top — 6,000 feet — provides a view that’s definitely worth the effort:


And like this:


While you’re in Grand Junction for the race, visit the amazing Colorado National Monument, filled with trails, canyons and rock formations like these:


You’ll also get to see the Grand Mesa, one of the largest table-top mountains in America. It lies just a 45-minute drive from Grand Junction and has everything for the outdoor enthusiast. And there just may still be snow on it when the race is held!


It’s always more fun to revel in the thrill of the finish line with a friend!


All photos by Jeff Stoddart Photography

Learn more about the Dreamcatcher Half Marathon here, see a course map here, or sign up for the race here.

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