Training Tips

Lessons learned from a lifetime of running, from writers who’ve run dozens of marathons and half marathons across the country.

5 Things You Can Do in Training to Improve Your Race Time

Practicing running portions of your long runs at goal pace is a great tool for improving speed. Not only is it a great confidence builder on race day, but it gets your legs used to running at your goal pace. Read more »

Why the Long Run Is Your Most Important Training Run

Too often runners will commit to a training program and cheat the long run by cutting out miles or not doing enough of them. But under-trained runners will feel the full effects of not being prepared. Why is it so important? Read more »

3 Ways to Stay Hydrated When You Run This Summer

With any run, especially during the summer, it’s important to stay hydrated with both liquids and electrolytes. Did you know by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated? Read more »

How to Get Through the ‘Middle Miles’ of a Half Marathon

The middle miles in a half marathon can be the hardest miles of the race. The beginning of the race excitement has worn off, and you aren’t close enough to the finish line for the “almost done” excitement. Read more »