Why I Run: John Nguyen, 37


Runner: John Nguygen, 37

Years running: I started running as a sophomore in high school with cross country and track. I started running again in 2009 til now (its also the year I read Born to Run, ran my first half marathon, marathon, and ultra). So I’ve been running again for about 5 years.

From: San Jose, California

1) What’s your favorite distance?

100 miles – even though I’ve only done it once!

2) Proudest racing moment?

Finishing my first 100 mile race at the Rocky Raccoon 100 in Huntsville, Texas.

3) Guilty pleasure food?


4) The gear you cannot run without?

A good pair of shoes, of course!

5) Do you have all your toenails?

Yes. My toenails are a bit gnarly, but I don’t have problem with losing them.

6) Favorite workout?

The long trail run.

7) If I were given free entry to any race, it would be…

The Western States 100-mile endurance run.

8) Most embarrassing running moment?

Having to poop in the woods is embarrassing.

9) Weird race ritual?


10) Favorite place to run?

The Marin Headlands, near San Francisco.

11) One way running has made you a better person?

I have more energy and endurance to keep up with my kids, to be a better dad for them.

12) Best medal or award you’ve received?

My 100-mile belt buckle from Rocky Raccoon.

13) Impress me with your biggest running achievement.

I’m hoping to do that with Western States!

13.1)  If I’m not running, I’m…

With my family, taking the kids to the park or beach. Or maybe playing tennis.

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