Runner of the Week: Matt Arrowood, 37


Matt Arrowood, wearing race bib #13764.

Matt Arrowood, 37

Years running: 7 • Hometown: Scott Depot, West Virginia

1) What’s your favorite distance?

I would not say I have a favorite, as I just like to run, so whether it is a 5K or a half/full marathon, I just try to enjoy it.

2) Proudest racing moment?

Actually to me personally it is completing my first half marathon. I never in a million years imagined I could complete a distance more than a 5K, but I did it and it wasn’t pretty, but it lead to my first marathon and eventually becoming a Marathon Maniac.

The Run To Read half in Fairmont, West Virginia, was my tipping point as a runner and it led me to amazing things.

3) Guilty pleasure food?

Buffalo Wings — BW3’s to be exact.

4) The gear you cannot run without?

Compression underwear. Best thing ever invented.

5) Do you have all your toenails?

Yes, it is weird I have never actually lost one. Not sure why but it does make me feel like an outsider sometimes.

6) Favorite workout?

The long run, just me and the world, no work, no family obligations, just me and 5am, and the world is mine.

7) If I were given free entry to a race, I’d race…

London, and I would run dressed as Doctor Who.

8) Embarrassing running moment?

Several, but during training for my first marathon I was out for a long run in the early morning hours… when nature called. I was in a subdivision well away from my house, woods, gas station, and anywhere else.

So I found a huge bush in a front yard of someone’s residence, and I did what I had to do and I am not proud. I always wondered what the people thought the next morning when they saw what had transpired.

9) Have any weird race rituals?

I always take a shower right before I leave the house/hotel room. It always makes me feel fast.

10) Favorite place to run?

New places, I love when traveling to set out on an early morning run. It is the best way to discover a city or anywhere. You see the people setting up for day, the shop owners, the cleanup crews, construction, etc.

They are always the friendliest. If you really want to see Las Vegas, run the strip on a normal weekday morning around 7:00 AM, which is the Vegas I love.

11) One way running has made you a better person?

Healthier obviously, and that was the initial point. Now it is confidence which has benefited me in my occupation. I know that if I can run that many miles than I can handle any business meeting.

12) Best medal or award you’ve received?

My first 5K t-shirt, I am not fast enough to ever win an award, but I loved that t-shirt and it means so much to my life and where I am now.

13) What’s your biggest running achievement?

Well, I am kinda of a big deal, so… I kid. I ran the Marine Corps Marathon and then two weeks later ran the Marshall University Marathon, which was epic in my book. This dude who seven years ago didn’t know how far a marathon was, ran two in 14 days.

 13.1) If I’m not running, I’m…

Being a dad. This is always number one… with running being a close second.

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  • Tom Osterbuhr December 15, 2014, 10:15 pm

    Nice interview Carissa, thank you for your support of the running community!

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