Taking an August Break From Running Can Be a Great Idea



Sometimes you don’t need a serious running injury to take time off from running. Several symptoms or factors indicate you need a break from running:

  • You have just finished a serious training cycle and ran your goal race.
  • You are physically fatigued, and every run is unenjoyable.
  • You are mentally tired, and it’s a constant battle to get out the door. Perhaps you don’t even feel better after your run.
  • You aren’t enjoying running.

These lulls happen to any runner. It isn’t unusual or anything to be alarmed about. Your body is tired, and you just need time away. While it might take a while for your fitness to come back, it’s important to realize that breaks are as important as training.

We cannot train year round without getting injured or lose the love for the sport. You don’t need an injury to justify a rest period! August is one of the best months to take time off.

Here are a few reasons taking a break from running this month can be a good idea:

1) August is a hot month

There aren’t many half marathons this month for a reason. It’s scorching to run through. Sometimes just thinking about going outdoors can cause a runner to sweat. It’s the perfect time to rest, recover and relax at the pool. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

2) Running and training can take a toll on your body

While you might not feel your muscles break down, rest assured, they do! If your muscles aren’t given proper recovery from training, you won’t be able to run later.

Even a short two-week break is going to allow your muscles to rebuild. Minor tears and cracks will heal, and you’ll start your next training cycle, fresh and ready to conquer the world.

3) Mentally, you need a rest too!

Taking a break from running will give you time to relax or do other activities. Who knows what will happen in your free time, maybe you’ll pick up swimming, painting or knitting. The mental game is a huge percent of running, and it’s important to start your training cycle fresh.

4) More free time this month

You’ll also be able to spend more time with friends and family. Remember that great aunt twice removed? You can even see her too. Take time in August to see your non-running friends that forgot you existed when you started running.

5) You can cross train and gain muscles you never knew you had

I’m not saying spend 6 hours swimming or on the elliptical but you can do other activities that might have made you too sore during peak training. Let’s be honest, who wants to run a half marathon after a “leg day” at the gym?

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