Jalapeno Half Marathon & 10K

Sunday, July 22, 2018 • Fort Worth, TX • Course Map

Note: This race has been cancelled.

July brings hot weather to Texas, and Fort Worth’s Jalapeno Half Marathon & 10K makes the day even hotter with the jalapeno theme.

Beginning at the Panther Island Pavilion in downtown Fort Worth, the Jalapeno Half Marathon leads runners on an out-and-back course that primarily consists of paved trails along Fort Worth’s Trinity Trails.

These trails, which border the Clear Fork Trinity River, provide runners with riverfront views for almost the entire race. Runners turn around just past Bryant Irvin Road and the Orthopedic Sports & Medicine Institute, retracing the steps from the first half of the course toward the finish line.

Be prepared for lots of ups and downs on the course — while the first half of the course is predominantly uphill (and the second half downhill), there are lots of small ups and downs to conquer along the course.

And if the half marathon isn’t hot enough, the race hosts a jalapeno eating contest after the half marathon, with a prize for the first person to successfully down five jalapenos.

While the course has plenty of shaded miles, it is Texas in July. Expect it to be sweltering even at the start. Luckily, finishers over the age of 21 can load up on free beer from Rabbit Hole Brewing, a local craft brewery.

Race Weather & Climate

Like its neighboring Dallas just a few miles east, Fort Worth experiences hot summers with rain a distinct possibility — just under 2.3 inches on average for July. While July usually brings warm weather to Fort Worth, temperatures can range as low as 59° (1994) and as high as 111° (1954).

On race day (Jul. 22), the average low is 73ºF and the average high is 97ºF.

Past Results

Course Map

See the race route map for the Jalapeno Half Marathon here.

Starting Time

7:30 AM


  • $65 for the half marathon
  • $35 for the 10K
  • $25 for the 5K
  • prices subject to increase as race day approaches


To reserve your spot in the 2018 running of Fort Worth’s Jalapeno Half Marathon or 10K race, register online at Mellew.com here.

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