These Streets Were Made For Running: The 2015 Berkeley Half Marathon runs November 22

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Each November, the streets of Berkeley fill with runners ready for the scenic tour of local landscapes and landmarks that only the Berkley Half Marathon loop course can provide:


This scenic loop course of the half marathon race starts and finishes in Civic Center Plaza, in the heart of Berkeley. Half marathon runners will enjoy iconic city landmarks, such as Telegraph Avenue, the historic U.C. Berkeley campus, the city’s gorgeous tree canopies, personality-filled neighborhoods, and the serene waterfront as they race the city’s streets.


From the first mile to the last, the charm and distinct beauty of Berkeley is ever-present. Runners enjoy racing down Telegraph Avenue, complete with its architectural beauty and full storefronts, before they racing through the Cal campus.


Half marathoners, 5K runners and runners racing the first leg of the half marathon relay will enjoy the beauty of racing across Cal Campus in the fall. Complete with some challenging elevation, this stretch of the course is full of architectural beauty, views and that crisp, fall feeling of promise that is seemingly universal on college campuses.


The Berkeley Half Marathon is proud to rally around a great cause. For its third year, BHM is partnering with The Berkeley Public Schools Fund to help raise needed funds for school grants and program support to give back to local schools. This lasting partnership helps runners be part of a great race, while making a positive impact on the community.


Experience the good (and sometimes, downright funky) vibes of your fellow runners as you pass them racing down and back along the waterfront and Berkeley Marina. You’ll race these flat miles while taking in the crystal blue water of the San Francisco Bay with San Francisco as a backdrop.


Crossing the finish line amidst support from the crowd in Civic Center Plaza is a singular experience. The community spirit of this event celebrated competition and honors each runner’s journey. It makes for a great Sunday spent among your neighbors and fellow athletes in the heart of Berkeley.

Learn more about the Berkeley Half Marathon here, or sign up for the race here.

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