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Alabama > Chief Ladiga Trail Half Marathon
Jacksonville, AL



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Event Details

More than 100 runners came out and crossed the finish line in the small Alabama town of Jacksonville for the 2007 running of the Chief Ladiga Trail Half Marathon, a point-to-point race that starts the field off in nearby Piedmont, Ala., and follows the Chief Ladiga Trail rails-to-trails pathway all the way down along a southwest direction to Jacksonville, where the race finishes on the grounds of the Jacksonville Community Center on Alexandria Road.

From the starting line at the Piedmont Eubanks Welcome Center on Dailey Street -- where runners take off from the starting line at 8:00 AM -- the race follows and never leaves the Chief Ladiga Trail for the race's full 13.1 miles. More than 30 miles in length in all, the trail runs westward from its start in Cedartown, Georgia, all the way to Piedmont, Ala., where it turns and heads southwest toward Jacksonville, and eventually ends in Anniston, Ala. The trail is paved throughout along the sections used for the race, made up of 10-ft.-wide asphalt that welcomes walkers, runners, cyclists, strollers and roller-bladers throughout the year.

Fast and flat for virtually the entire race, the course gives runners ample views of the natural scenery in between the two towns at either end of the course, with plenty of wetlands, forests and farmlands along the trail and views of the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in the distance. Shuttle bus transportation will be provided to take participants back to their cars at the starting line in Piedmont, or runners may park near the finish line and take the shuttle bus to the starting line.

Race Weather & Climate

Located in the northeastern part of the state, about 76 miles northeast of Birmingham, the town of Jacksonville typically sees moderately cool to cold weather conditions in the waning weeks of fall and early weeks of winter, with generally heavier precipitation than October and November. In December, average monthly temperatures range between 55F and 33F, while precipitation amounts average around 4.61 inches for the month.




To sign up for the winter 2008 running of the Piedmont-to-Jacksonville Chief Ladiga Trail Half Marathon, visit the event website for the race sign-up form.



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