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Colorado > Mount Carbon Trail Half Marathon & North Park Trail 5K
Lakewood, CO  •  Saturday, April 13, 2013  •  Course Map

If you've never been to Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado, you're in for a treat. The sprawling 2,600 acre park is full of gentle rolling hills, stunning scenic views, abundant riding and running trails (both dirt and paved) and over 50 campsites. All kinds of watercraft are welcome on the lake, as well as those simply in search of a bit of peace while they toss out a line and hope for a bite.

On the course at the Mount Carbon Trail Half Marathon, the winding wide dirt paths combine to a single-track path quickly after the start of the race and continue to vary throughout the course. But the path isn't the only thing that fluctuates; gently sloping hills, and short, steep climbs as well as all the views Bear Creek Lake Park is known for will keep you interested and engaged throughout the race.

The course begins and ends at the northwest corner of the lake, and starts with a gradual climb from 5,650 feet that steepens for a short distance to reach a peak of 5,795 feet about 1.5 miles into the race. Runners will then appreciate the long, gradual descent that continues until shortly after the 2.5-mile point of the race.

The next portion of the race follows a gradually climbing twisting and turning single-track path with a short steep hill around the 4-mile mark. Race participants will appreciate the stunning landscape as they first travel alongside Bear Creek and then up and down Turkey Creek soon after. The path then breaks from the trees to give runners a chance to take advantage of the open fields of the park for the remainder of the race.

From the 5 mile mark to the 7 mile mark the course goes through gradual climbs and descents, punctuated by a short, steep hill around the 6 mile mark. Runners will be tested at 7.5 miles, as they reach their first significant hill that goes from 5,565 feet to 5,790 in just under half a mile. A steep decent follows, leading up to another challenging climb a little past 8 miles.

The track continues to circle the lake as a combination of rolling hills and short steep climbs gradually bring runners to the highest point in the course (5,805 feet) around the 11.5 mile mark. Then, at 12.5 miles, the course begins a quick descent before leveling out just before the finish, giving racers a chance to push through for the best time possible.

Though the course is currently expected to be entirely comprised of dirt path and single-track trails, a change in weather could change the actual course. If race day is met with rainy skies, a backup route may be used that takes advantage of the many paved paths that run throughout the park.

By Jenna McCartney, contributing writer for HalfMarathons.Net

Race Weather & Climate

Located along the front range of the Rocky Mountains in central northern Colorado, about 8 miles southeast of downtown Denver, Lakewood typically sees April temperatures that average between 62°F and 33°F, while rainfall totals average about 2.2 inches for the month.

On the day of the race (April 13), the average high is 61°F and the average low is 31°F.

Course Map

View the race route map for the Mount Carbon Trail Half Marathon


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To reserve your spot in the spring 2013 running of Lakewood's Mount Carbon Trail Half Marathon or North Park Trail 5K race, visit the event website.

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