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Massachusetts > The Half of Quincy Half Marathon
Quincy, MA  •  Sunday, May 5, 2013  •  Course Map

Known by such storied nicknames such as the "City of Presidents" and "the Birthplace of the American Dream," the Massachusetts city of Quincy offers runners a flavor of what makes it such an important city in the nation's history with the 4th annual "Half of Quincy" Historic Quincy Half Marathon, set for mid-March 2013.

The route for the half marathon -- which saw more than 1,400 runners cross the finish line at its 3rd annual running in 2012 -- follows a counter-clockwise, out-and-back loop route that starts and finishes at the campus of Quincy College and the Quincy City Hall on Coddington Street. From there, runners head out onto Coddington in the direction of the bay, passing by Mt. Wollaston Cemetery on their way through the Merrymount neighborhood.

Runners next turn left and head onto Norton Road for a brief stretch that leads them onto Merrymount Parkway and then onto Quincy Shore Drive, which begins a roughly two-and-a-half-mile stretch along the water. As the race organizers note, most of the course is relatively flat, so the race's biggest challenges are likely to be the weather and the wind, and here runners could experience both in abundance, depending on how conditions play out on the day of the race.

After the stretch along Quincy Shore Drive, runners then follow the curve of the road as it heads south onto Furnace Brook Parkway, where there will also be marshlands on either side of the roadway. The stretch along Southern Artery leads back into the Quincy city center -- and this is where runners will climb some of the race's steepest hills -- followed by the turn onto the road towards Newport Avenue.

The Boston skyline may be visible in the distance as runners make their way north into the Norfolk Downs and North Quincy neighborhoods, where they turn right on Hancock Street, heading south again. Runners then make their way in the direction of Gulliver Creek and the Hobart Street and Amsterdam Avenue Woods parks, by way of Squantum Street and Harvard Street.

The last few miles of the race bring runners back into Quincy through the West Quincy neighborhood, with turns on Harvard, Beale and Adams Street, named of course for John Adams, one of the founding father's and the country's second president. Both John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams were born in Quincy, as well as John Hancock, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Runners make their way along Adams Street for nearly two miles, passing by Adams Historical National Park -- a small national park site where the homes of both John and John Quincy Adams still stand -- in the final mile, which takes them past Faxon Field to the race finish line.

Race Weather & Climate

Nestled along the shores of Quincy Bay in coastal eastern Massachusetts, roughly 10 miles south of Boston, Quincy typically sees moderately cool to occasionally quite cold temperatures in March, when average monthly temperatures range between 47°F and 29°F.

On the day of the race (March 10), the average high is 45°F and the average low is 28°F, while precipitation amounts average just under 4.7 inches for the month, making March the city's wettest month of the year.

Course Map

View the race route map for the Half of Quincy Half Marathon


$40 for the half marathon, if registered by January 31, 2013
$50 between February 1 - 28
$60 between March 1 - 10


To reserve your spot in the late winter 2013 running of Quincy's Half of Quincy Half Marathon, register online at RaceMenu.com.

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