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Washington > Langley Running Festival Half Marathon, 4-Mile, 7-Mile & 10K
Langley, WA  •  Sunday, July 7, 2013  •  Course Map


Known for both its gorgeous scenery along the waters of Puget Sound as well as its many hills -- which the race organizers describe as "gently rolling," though many past participants beg to differ -- the Langley Running Festival Half Marathon marks its 6th annual running in the summer of 2013, and adds a 4-mile and 7-mile race for the first time this year.

The race is timed to coincide with Langley's annual summer arts festival known as the Choochokam Arts Festival, which draws more than 15,000 visitors each year to the streets of this small town on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound to take in the plentiful live music and the exhibits and booths along First and Second Streets and McLeod Alley, and marks its 38th anniversary in 2013.

Runners taking part in the half marathon will have their choice of two times to start their race -- the race organizers offer an early start at 7:30 AM for runners who think they'll need more than three hours to complete the 13.1 miles, and then a regular start at 8:30 AM, which is also the starting time for the 10K fitness walk. With either starting time, runners will begin the race at the starting line, which lies on Langley's western edge at the corner of DeBruyn Avenue and Saratoga Road.

From there, runners head out on what is essentially a long out-and-back route that unfolds within a stone's throwing distance from the water for most of the race. Runners follow Saratoga Road along a long, winding stretch until they're roughly halfway between the mile 4 and mile 5 markers, where they then make a right and turn onto Fox Split Road. Here, the course brings runners to as close to the waterfront as they'll get over the course of the race, and then veers left to follow the curve of the land.

Once runners reach the turnaround point -- which occurs on Fox Split Road just before it reaches Saratoga Road, and here the paved surface turns to a gravel road that leads up a steep hill.

Next, they then head back and cover once again the ground they've just run, all the way back to the finish line back in Langley. The race finish is a few blocks from the start, as runners cross the finish line on First Street just as the arts festival is gearing up for Sunday.

Race Weather & Climate

Located on Whidbey Island across Puget Sound and just a short drive from nearby Seattle, Langley typically sees some of its warmest and driest weather in July, when its average monthly temperatures range between 75°F and 54°F and rainfall totals average just under 1.2 inches for the month.

On the day of the race (July 7), the average low is 54°F and the average high is 72°F.

Course Map

View the race route map for the Langley Half Marathon

Starting Times

7:30 AM - half marathon, for runners who expect to take longer than 3 hours
8:30 AM - half marathon, 10K


See race website


To reserve your spot in the summer 2013 running of Washington's Langley Half Marathon or 10K Fitness Walk, register online at Active.com.

Official Race Website


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