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Wisconsin > Summer's End Half Marathon, 5K & Paddle Battle
St. Germain, WI  •  Saturday, September 8, 2012  •  Course Map

The name of Saint Germain's mid-September running event is certainly appropriate, if nothing else because it will likely already begin to feel like fall when the race is held on the morning of 8th, with temperatures in the morning that are likely to start in the mid-40s and rise only into the mid-60s by the time the sun is overhead later in the day.

Participants at this event have the choice to take part in either the boat races on Saturday -- the races organizers are calling the "paddle battle," which include both a 3.5-mile and a 7.5-mile flat-water kayaking events that start on the Big St. Germain Lake and take participants down the St. Germain River and back -- or the footraces on Sunday, or they can enter both days' races, taking part in one of the two "paddle battles" on Saturday and then running either the 5K or the half marathon on Sunday.

For runners in Sunday morning's half marathon, the race will follow an out-and-back course that starts and finishes at the St. Germain Community Park, near the intersection of Highways 70 and 155 -- which is also where the town's famous statue of "Chief St. Germain" stands, near the information booth just off the highway. From there, runners head out on a combination of paved roads and paved bike paths, which include some hilly stretches along the backroad portions of the race along Birchwood Drive, Sheilds Road and South Bay Road.

From the 8:30 AM starting time for the half marathon -- those running the 5K start at 9:00 AM -- the race follows what is basically a clockwise loop out from the park into the backroads that circle the edges of Little St. Germain Lake, as well as its West Bay and East Bay sections. Runners start by tackling the first half almost entirely along Birchwood Drive, which makes its way all the way around Little St. Germain Lake for the first six miles or so of the course, and along this stretch is where runners will encounter the hilliest portions of the race.

Just after passing the mile 6 marker, runners will next make two quick turns, first a right onto Old Highway 70 and then another right just down the road onto Shields Road. There are a final few hills along Shields and then along the turn left onto South Bay Road, where runners then head south for just over a mile and cross Highway 70 to get onto St. Germain's paved bike pathways. Along this stretch, the course flattens out for the next few miles, taking runners west back toward town all along the bike paths.

Once the course reaches Town Line Road, runners turn right and start heading north, and then the final couple of miles of the race keep runners on the bike paths all the way back to the Community Park, and are mostly flat and fast the entire route in to the finish line. Seventy-six runners crossed the finish line in the 5K and half marathon combined in 2011, including 40 runners in the half marathon alone.

Race Weather & Climate

Located in the region known as the Northwoods of northern Wisconsin, just miles from the Canadian border, Saint Germain typically sees September temperatures that average between 65°F and 46°F, while rainfall totals average just under 4 inches for the month, making September the town's second-wettest month of the year. On the day of the race (Sept. 8), the average high is 68°F and the average low is 49°F.

Course Map

View the course map for the Summer's End Half Marathon




To reserve your spot in the late summer 2012 running of Saint Germain's Summer's End Half Marathon or 5K race, visit the event website.

Official Race Website


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