Happy Girls Run Spokane Half Marathon, 10K & 5K

Saturday, September 17, 2022 • Spokane, WA • Course Map

Note: The 2022 race has been canceled.

Set for its 8th annual running this year along a course that winds right alongside the Spokane River for most of the first half of the race, the Happy Girls Run takes runners on an out-and-back tour of the trails and rapids on this scenic river just west of the Rocky Mountains, one of three “Happy Girls” Runs that take place in Washington and Oregon.

Runners will follow an out-and-back course for the race that starts at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute next to the campus of Spokane Falls Community College, along West Custer Drive. From there, they’ll head out onto a combination of paved surfaces and dirt roads — the race overall is about half paved and half dirt.

You’ll run long stretches of Spokane’s Centennial Trail, a 37.5-mile-long trail that snakes from the Washington-Idaho border all the way to Spokane. Organizers say to expect rocky areas along the trails, and that a good rule is to expect the rocks ahead where you see rapids out in the river.

The views of both the river and the mountains beyond the city is gorgeous, they add, as the course winds along the river and into Riverside State Park, where you’ll hit the turnaround point between miles 6 and 7.

After that, you’ll follow trails that lead all the way back down to Downriver Park, where you’ll cross the finish line back where you started on West Custer Drive.

The hilliest stretches come in the first couple of miles and then again between miles 10 and 12, and organizers say the rockiest stretches of the race occur between miles 4 and 5.

Walkers are encouraged to participate, organizers say, as the cutoff for official timing is 1:00 PM (4 hours).

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Race Weather & Climate

Nestled along the Spokane River in eastern Washington state, roughly 280 miles east of Seattle, Spokane typically sees some of its mildest and driest weather of the year in September, with temperatures that average between the mid-40s and the low 70s.

On race day (Sept. 17), the average low is 44ºF and the average high is 70ºF.

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Course Map

See the race route map for the Happy Girls Run Spokane Half Marathon here.

Starting Time

  • 9:00 AM – half marathon
  • 9:30 AM – 5K
  • 9:45 AM – 10K

Course Time Limit

4 hours


  • $80 – $99 for the half marathon
  • $45 – $65 for the 10K
  • $35 – $55 for the 5K


To reserve your spot in the 2022 running of the Happy Girls Run Spokane Half Marathon, 10K or 5K race, register online at Active.com here.

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